So, before yesterday, I had never heard of the Link Title Attribute, which is an HTML tag you can assign to a link that will provide more information via mouseover. It’s a lot like the alt text that can be added to images. There were some questions about whether this would be a benefit to one of the ECommerce websites I am working with, and thus research had to be done.

First off, most of the information relating to the Link Title Attribute was outdated and I had to really dig to find anything I could trust. A lot of the conversations were happening in forums that weren’t really related to SEO or Internet Marketing, and you really should be looking at an industry-specific forum if you have industry-specific questions.

I won’t bore you with more of the details. The bottom line is that the Link Title Tag still has a place in your website, but only in terms of increasing usability. The sad fact is that search engines don’t assign weight to the link title attribute.

We have decided to move forward with our implementation of the Link Title Tag, but only for links where the anchor text is one word, vague wording, or obscure and so specific to the industry that you’d never know where the link could possibly lead without it. These seem like pretty good reasons to add this particular tag.

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